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Mill Headstock Extension Block


US$ 59.85    

About the extended mill headstock spacer

Having the option to extend the headstock further out can sometimes allow surfaces to be machined that could not otherwise be reached without breaking down the setup and re-clamping the part. The spacer moves the spindle out an additional 2-1/2". This is twice as far as the standard P/N 1297 spacer block. Making it in one piece rather than stacking up two 1297 spacer blocks increases the mill's rigidity and accuracy. In many cases, it is much easier to increase your machinable surface area by using this spacer than to re-clamp the part. Precisely machined keyways keep the headstock accurately aligned. A precision ground alignment key is included.

NOTE: This part is not recommended for use on the Sherline lathe.

1299 Mill Headstock Extension Block