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New! Horological Milling Machine Bushing and Depthing Accessory.


US$ 85.50    

The basic concept of this accessory is to use a small milling machine to do the job of several specialized clock and watch repair machines. With the Sherline mill you can maneuver and align your clock and watch parts easily and accurately. You can also machine your parts more accurately in regards to the size and location of your bushing hole. When the machine work is done you can also use your milling machine as a manual press to insert your bushing. This accessory also makes depthing easier and more precise, allowing you to locate your gear exactly where you want it. You can also check the gear mesh with the mating gear and then machine your bushing hole exactly where you want it to be. By using the Horological Bushing and Depthing Accessory in conjunction with your Sherline mill, you now have a three-in-one clock and watch repair machine that is also a fully functional milling machine

2118 New! Horological Milling Machine Bushing and Depthing Accessory.