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Long mill column base with 2000 ram (10.3 LB)


US$ 284.76    

Theis rigid column is designed for those who have a 5400-series mill. Comes with the 2000-series ram and gives the versatility of Sherline’s 2000-series mill column with it’s large work area and seven directions of movement. Tall column provides more Z-clearance. Includes Y-leadscrew cover hole. The column bolts to the mill base using the same two side-by-side 1/4-20 SHCSs as the normal base, although we include two new ones with each base. The column has the newer style hole through the base to accept the Y-axis leadscrew cover tube. The standard base is the same height as the regular 2000 mill round column. The taller column is the same height as the 2000 round column with the riser block in place.

5645 Long mill column base with 2000 ram (10.3 LB)