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6281 - Ultimate Machine Shop Package w/NexGen Mill Metric version


US$ 3641.00    

If you want to set up a complete miniature machine shop with just one purchase, the "Ultimate Machine Shop" package makes it easy for you. We have combined our Model 4400/4410 deluxe 3.5 x 17" lathe and a Model 5800/5810 NexGen milling machine with a host of the most popular machining accessories. Included are all the items you need to set up for most machining jobs including cutting tools and holding fixtures.

In addition to the lathe and mill, you get the following accessories:

  • 1040 3.1" 3-jaw Self-centering Chuck
  • 1074 Steady Rest
  • 1191 Live Center
  • 1297 Headstock Spacer Block
  • 3002 Cutoff Tool and Holder
  • 3007 3-pc. 1/4" HSS Tool Set (LH, RH, Boring)
  • 3013 Step Block Hold-down Set
  • 3020 5/32" Sherline Hex T-Driver
  • 3021 3 pc. Center Drill Set
  • 3052 Fly Cutter w/ 1/4" Carbide Cutting Tool
  • 3054 Boring Head (3049 metric)
  • 3060 3-pc. Mill Collet Set w/ Drawbolt
  • 3063 Boring Tool (5/16" min. hole, 1" max. depth)
  • 3072 1/4" Jacobs Drill Chuck w/ #1 Morse Arbor, Key and Drawbolt
  • 1069 3/8" Jacobs Drill Chuck w/ Arbors, Key and Drawbolt
  • 3079 3/8" End Mill Holder
  • 3551 Milling vise
  • 3700 4" Rotary Table
  • 3750 Tilting Angle Table
  • 5327 Sherline Accessories Shop Guide book
  • 5330 Safety Glasses
  • 7401 6-pc. 3/8" Shank End Mill Set

See the individual pages in the "LATHES" and "MILLS" sections for more details on the machines themselves and what comes with them. The package includes everything shown in the photo above.

Available in your choice of inch or metric handwheel graduations. Machines in the package can also be ordered with CNC stepper motor mounts factory installed. (Note that CNC-ready machines cannot be operated manually until stepper motors are installed.)

6281 6281 - Ultimate Machine Shop Package w/NexGen Mill Metric version