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NEW! 3D Scanning Plates for CNC Rotary Table (10" diameter plate)


US$ 166.73    

About the Laser Engraving Rotary Table Tooling Plates...

These tooling plates are designed to be mounted to the Sherline 4" CNC Rotary table (P/N 3700-CNC, 8730 or 8700) to hold parts that are being laser engraved. Each plate has a pattern of 10-32 threaded holes for use in holding fixtures to align parts for laser engraving. A series of concentric circles are also machined into the face of the plate to aid in visual centering of the parts to be engraved. An access hole is provided that should be aligned with the oiler hole on the surface of the rotary table for lubrication. On the bottom of the table an alignment protrusion is provided that helps center the plate on the counter-bored hole in the center of the rotary table. Four 10-32 socket head cap screws and T-nuts are provided with each plate for securing it to the T-slots on the rotary table's surface. The aluminum plates have a tough black anodized finish. The plates are available in three sizes: 8", 10" and 12" diameter.

Notes on use of the plates...

These plates are not intended for machining operations. A radial force at the outer diameter of the plate will exert more force on the rotary table worm and worm gear than the 4" rotary table was designed for. This plate was designed for laser scanning ONLY. Because the scanning plate is much larger than our 4" rotary table, all parts that are mounted on the plate for scanning must be centered on the plate. This will locate the weight load in the middle of the rotary table.

3727-LAZ NEW! 3D Scanning Plates for CNC Rotary Table (10" diameter plate)