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-1040C (Click the Cyber Deals logo to view the current promotions).

(Electroless Teflon Nickel Coated)


US$ 174.09    

3.1" Diameter 3-Jaw Self-centering Chucks...

This larger chuck takes up no more center-to-center space than the 2.5" chuck, but it will hold larger work. It has a clamping range of from 3/32" (2 mm) up to 1-1/2" (38 mm) diameter with the jaws in the normal position. With the jaws in the reversed position, work up to 2- 3/4" (70 mm) can be gripped. The hole through the chuck is .687" (17 mm). Rotating the knurled ring closes all three jaws simultaneously to quickly grip round or hexagonal stock. Tommy bars (provided) are used in the holes in the side to tighten and loosen the chuck for more leverage. The chuck has a 3/4-16 thread to fit Sherline's spindle and other machines using that thread.


Electroless Nickel Boron Coated 3-Jaw Self-centering Chuck (P/N 1040C)...

This chuck is identical to P/N 1040 except for an electroless nickel boron coating that has been applied to help prevent wear and corrosion. This special coating has been applied to all external and internal surfaces of the chuck (except for chuck jaws), significantly improving the life of the chuck. This chuck also opens and closes more smoothly due to the lubrication properties of nickel boron. Other benefits and features of the electroless nickel boron coating include the following:

  • Ductile plating with columnar structure
  • Harder than any other nickel-based coating
  • Coating uniformity that eliminates post-plate grinding (or burnishing)
  • Wear properties overall superior to hard chromium
  • Hardness (68-72 Rc)
  • Low coefficient of friction (.044)  Teflon™ is .04
  • Uniform coating thickness up to .004”
  • Accepts dry film lubricants



Jaw Tightness on Scrolling Chucks...

Sherline technicians custom grind each jaw to fit its own slot with as little play as possible. Grinding is done to within .0001". This assures maximum accuracy. If you have sent in an old chuck for jaw replacement or are replacing an old, worn chuck, you will notice that the new one is initially harder to turn than your worn one. As chucks wear, they become looser and easier to turn. Some users like a chuck that turns easily right from the start for quick part changes, where maximum accuracy is not as important as speed and ease of use. In your preference, Sherline makes and sets aside a certain number of chucks with less tightly fit jaws. If your job calls for repetitive, quick part changes and you can accept a little less centering accuracy

1040C (Electroless Teflon Nickel Coated)