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-DeskCNC SW+CT. (Click the Cyber Deals logo to view the current promotions).

DeskCNC software and 2nd Generation controller.


US$ 402.15    

Features DeskCNC software and 2nd Generation controller.



Import AutoCAD DXF files.

  • Contour.
  • Pocket.
  • Dril.
  • Automatically detects islands and nested islands
  • Multiple Depths - Islands on top of islands inside boundaries...etc.
  • Wall Profiles - Any region can have any wall profile
  • Automatically chains entities into optimised regions
  • Programmable Post Processor
  • Automatically vectorizes DXF Text
  • Add True Type Font Text (comes with a single line TTF) around an Arc etc.
Import 3D STL Prototyping files.
  • Multiple Passes with Rough or Finishing in the X or Y direction.
  • Add Margin.
  • Male or Female toolpath generation.

Import computer image files

Image Modification.
  • Invert, Resize (BSpline, Lanczos3 etc.), Crop, Contrast, Brightness, 3x3 Filters, Bump Map.
  • Wave, Lens, Morphing, Rotate, Reduce Colors etc.
  • Carve with or without cutter comp using End, Ball, or Vee cutters.
  • Efficient Toolpath Generation with Multiple passes and Margin avoidance.
  • X or Y raster direction.
  • View Rendered Carving or Wireframe Toolpaths without swicthing to the 3D Editor.
  • Raster to vector conversion at any color depth.
  • Built in Topography Engraving at a single depth or Multiple depths.
  • Point Reduction, Curve Fitting, and Small Region Filtering improves quality of Toolpaths and reduces overall toolpath count.
Import Extended Gerber PC Board format
  • Import RS274X Extended Gerber and Excellon Drill files.
  • Route and Drill PCB in one operation.
  • Spot Drill using Routing Tool.
  • Board Cut Out when finished.
Machine your part directly from Windows (Using Optional Controller or Controller/Driver).
  • Uses external Controller Board for timing and Interpolation functions (Option).
  • Runs smoothly on any system that can comfortably run Windows (95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000).
  • Toolpath location graphically updated in real time and in 3D.
  • Fast block processing when previewing (more than 50,000 Blocks/sec on a P600).
  • Fast Block Processing when machine is running (over 300 Blocks/Sec).
  • User defined jog distances.
  • True Linear Acceleration Ramp (programmable) throughout the 30 - 40,000 SPS range.
  • True 3 axis interpolation.
  • +-8.3 Million step Absolute positioning.
  • 51 move First In/First Out Buffer.
  • RS232 Intelligent Controller running at 115K Baud.
  • Continuous Motion Contouring.
  • Solid part viewing with Gouge Checking using OpenGL.
  • Mist, Flood, CW, and CCW outputs.
  • PWM Output for Spindle Speed Control.
  • Requires same Screw Pitch on X and Y Axis for Circular Interpolation
  • Requires 9 pin Serial Cable.
  • Requires 8-20 Vdc external power supply and enclosure.
Integrated 3D GCode Editor...
  • Integrated 3D Editor with real time zoom, pan, and rotate
  • Syntax highlighted editor
  • Step through Toolpath verification
  • 3D Rendered part display.

DeskCNC SW+CT. DeskCNC software and 2nd Generation controller.